Top Page Advertisement (2800×800 pixel)

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Top Page Advertisement

This is an advertisement banner with very high exposure. It will appear on homepage, detail page, and monitor page.  Basically it’s a big banner appearing in almost every page.  The banner is 2800×800 pixel.

After order confirmation, we will contact you via email/discord to request the banner file for your coin.

Banner size: 2800×800 pixel

Banner Design Guideline

You can put content anywhere in the 2800×800 pixel banner, but please try to put very important content in the center of the banner 600×600 pixel.  The full 2800×800 will display fine in computer browser, but due to the small size screen for cellphone, only 600×600 will show in the mobile phone.


Computer browser will display as follow:


Mobile phone browser will display as follow:


Proceed to Checkout and click Place Order.  No Payment until we contact you!  We will contact you via email/discord within 24 hours.

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