MNCN standard listing (6 months)

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  Coin listed on will get discount from our partners:

Why listing the coin on

1. MNCN is an advanced and largest Masternode stats data website in China.
2. MNCN will break the language barrier to provide detail information to Chinese investors for your Masternode Coin.
3. MNCN can help you reach huge number of Chinese Cryptocurrency miners and investors! (China has 1.3 billion population with over few hundred thousands of Cryptocurrency investors, and growing rapidly)
4. MNCN already has a huge group of Chinese users, we have QQ group, Wechat group and already build up a huge number of users.
5. MNCN welcome Presale coins! And we don’t charge extra for Presale coin listing!  There is no point of charging extra when the coin is just few days behind from listing on an exchange. (We will put green background color for Presale coins)

Listing Requirements

1. The coin must support Masternode feature.

2. The coin source code must be public on github.

3. The coin wallet must support Ubuntu16.04-X86_64.

Advertisement Banners

This is an advertisement banner with very high exposure. We display your banner directly on the data table. It is an auto-rotating banner and very eye-catching on the data table. Coins with banner will have higher position ranking when sorting the Coin Name in Ascending mode.

After order confirmation, we will contact you via email/discord to request the jpg banner file for your coin.

Advertise Banner Promotion:
0.01 BTC per week!  Buy 4 get 1 free! 250×50 pixel jpg banner


Proceed to Checkout and click Place Order.  No Payment until we contact you!   We will contact you via email/discord within 24 hours.

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