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Discord Data Bot:  MNCN-BOT

If your coin is already listed on, you can invite our discord bot to your server. MNCN-BOT is a Discord robot integrates with the website API. The Discord bot can report data information and status of your coin directly on your Discord channel by typing few simple commands.

How to invite

Click this link:   to invite the MNCN-BOT to your server. MNCN-BOT has no server restrictions, which means that anyone can invite it, use it to display your coin data information in any discord servers.


How to use

In the Discord channel with the MNCN-BOT, type the following commands:

!MNCN-help  – Send you a private message with a list of available commands

!MNCN-market <ticker>  – Show coin’s market info
for example: !MNCN-market DASH
!MNCN-mninfo <ticker>  – Show coin’s masternode net info
for example: !MNCN-mninfo DASH
!MNCN-income <ticker>  – Show coin’s masternode income info
for example: !MNCN-income DASH
You can contact us to set up a VIP coin (usually your own coin) for your server. Then the above three commands you can omit <ticker>, they will quickly display the data of the VIP coin
!MNCN-invite  – Generates an invite link you can use to invite the bot to your server
!MNCN-ping  – Responds pong, useful for checking if bot is alive


*This service is free and only available for coins listed on MNCN.
*If you are a new coin, please apply listing first:Standard Listing (6 months) || Standard Listing (Permanent)
*When you finish listing, we will automatically add this service to your new coin, no need to repeat the application.

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