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Discord Data Bot:  MNCN-BOT

You can invite our discord bot to your server. MNCN-BOT is a Discord robot that integrates the website API. You can get the data information of your coin from MNCN-BOT with some simple commands.

Service Area

You can use Invitation link to invite MNCN-BOT to your server.
MNCN-BOT has no server restrictions, which means that anyone can invite it, it will spread your coin information throughout the world.

tips: You can join those servers with MNCN-BOT to increase the exposure of your coin by querying your own coin data.


How to use

Command prefix: !MNCN-

!MNCN-market <ticker> : Show this coin’s market info
!MNCN-mninfo <ticker> : Show this coin’s masternode net info
!MNCN-income <ticker> : : Show this coin’s masternode income info
You can contact us to set up a VIP coin (usually your own coin) for your server. Then the above three commands you can omit <ticker>, they will quickly display the data of the VIP coin
!MNCN-invite : generates an invite link you can use to invite the bot to your server
!MNCN-ping : responds pong, useful for checking if bot is alive
!MNCN-help :Get a detailed list of commands



Proceed to Checkout and click Place Order.  No Payment until we contact you!  We will contact you via email/discord within 24 hours.


*This service is only available for coins listed on MNCN.
*If you are a new coin, please apply listing first:Standard Listing (6 months) || Standard Listing (Permanent)
*When you finish listing, we will automatically add this service to your new coin, no need to repeat the application.

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